Santa Monica Residents Demand Safety Attention as Homeless Population Increase | John Alle

Santa Monica Residents Demand Safety Attention as Homeless Population Increase | John Alle
Siyamak Khorrami

“Santa Monica is actually the third busiest hub in all of LA County for overdoses, and we’re the first open-air needle distribution in the country. We have an average of 6000 to 7000 transit addicts coming through Santa Monica every year, with 2000 remaining at any given time. 95% are from out of state.”

Siyamak sits down with John Alley, a real estate expert and co-founder of the Santa Monica Coalition The City of Santa Monica has been impacted by homelessness, drug addiction, and drug overdoses. John will tell us how the residents are feeling about this and how Santa Monica residents are not ready to give up on their city.

“Landlords ask the tenants, ‘Why are you moving?’ ‘I can’t leave at the crack of dawn to go to my job. I can’t come home at night. I can’t empty my trash.’ The city would like us to feel this as normal, and the residents have become almost desensitized. I grew up there. I have connections there. I walked to Palisades Park with my grandfather. It’s chilling what’s happening, and it’s being left alone. That’s why I care so much. I can’t let a city as gorgeous as Santa Monica go down the tubes.”

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