Court Strikes Down California’s Lot-Splitting Law SB9 | Jim Righeimer | Mark Miller | Dennis Robinson

Court Strikes Down California’s Lot-Splitting Law SB9 | Jim Righeimer | Mark Miller | Dennis Robinson
Siyamak Khorrami

“We’re just allowed to double the amount of houses. There aren’t left turn lanes big enough, there aren’t sewer pipes big enough to handle the sewage, and you don’t add any parking.”

Siyamak sits down with Jim Righeimer, developer and former mayor of Costa Mesa in Orange County. He‘ll share his concerns with some of California’s recent housing laws, such as SB9, which aims to increase housing density and affordability. We also talked with Mark Miller, Senior Attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation and housing expert, who shared his perspective on why giving homeowners the right to build can address the state’s affordability crisis, and Dennis Robinson, who has been involved in building ADUs and multiple projects under SB9. He’ll give us his hands-on experience on what the new law looks like in practice and the demand he sees for ADUs and SB9 projects.

“A lot of people think it’s kind of as easy as an ADU. When I get real with them and break down all their costs, how long it’s going to take, a lot of them will steer away from SB9. You’re gonna have to do all sorts of surveys, you’re gonna have different steps with, like the utility bills, you have to do new meters, your city impacts or fee or are going to be higher, doesn’t make financial sense.”

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