Bystander Calls Police After Seeing Man Beat His Dog, Then Throw it Into Trunk

January 10, 2018 Updated: January 10, 2018

An Ohio man has been charged after a witness told police that he saw the man beating his dog, then throwing the canine into a car trunk.

The witness told police that James Combs, 34, approached him and asked if the witness wanted to buy his pit bull.

After the witness declined, he witnessed the dog starting to run away from Combs. The Marysville man then caught the dog, slammed it against the car, kicked it, and threw it in the trunk of the car, reported WCMH.

Deputy Chief Tony Brooks said when officers caught up with Combs soon after, they indeed found the dog in the trunk. He told the broadcaster that Combs “didn’t really see an issue” with how he was transporting the dog.

He told officers: “I’m taking her home now. I wouldn’t abuse her. I just put her in the trunk,” reported ABC13.

Brooks, though, said it appears Combs wanted to get rid of the pit bull.

“It sounds like he was just wanting to get rid of the dog,” Brooks told FOX 28. “He was tired of owning it.”

Combs told officers he bought the dog recently wanted to give her back.

Combs is charged with two counts of animal cruelty, reported WCMH.

“In our opinions we do not believe it is not reasonable to transport a dog inside a trunk of a car especially given the condition that was out that night; as cold as it was,” the broadcaster quoted Brooks as saying.


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