Business meetings and effective brainstorming?

March 18, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

In the business world and in every other venture where new direction and input are necessary to give new life to a project that seem to have stagnated and have lost its impetus people are often talking about thinking outside the box. What do they mean by this term, thinking outside the box and how is it done in an effective, competent, and productive manner, which would ensure powerful momentum to any project. How does one gauge whether this thinking outside the box was successful and worthwhile.

Very few people when approached would be able to give a clear definition for this practice, thinking outside the box. Even fewer know how to approach this practice in an effective manner that would lead to positive results. Whenever these brainstorming sessions are conducted very few concrete results are achieved which can add an undisputed advantage to the business or program. Often the ideas that have been generated are difficult to implement and often they remain in the boardroom.

Many folks attempt these brainstorming sessions without defining the goal that should be achieved and this leads to all sorts of wild suggestions wherein the one member tries to outsmart the others. Each one present tries to impress the others with a bigger and more impressive idea than the others. This might have been good if it was kindergarten, but it does not work so well when the businesses at hand are the production of the company. In order to have a successful meeting the goal of such meeting has to be clearly defined and adhered to.

Once the central goal has been established, it could be helpful to suggest two or three supportive goals, which should all point to the main goal and should illuminate that goal. Start throwing around some ideas about the sub goals and discuss them thoroughly. Carefully note anything that are suggested and write that down. Once all ideas have been heard and thoroughly discussed, put those aside that seem to be worthwhile. Focus on this new group of ideas and discuss them while making notes again.

Take those new points, discuss them in relation to the main goal, and see what conclusions could be reached. Look for ways in which these new ideas support the main goal and strengthen it. Very often when the discussion have reached this point where many minds have been focused on a goal in this way it often happens that long before you reach the discussion of the main goal, a solution to that goal are already found. This is simply the power of the human mind, focus it on your problem and that will continue to chew away until it finds the solution.