Bushwick Farmers Market Permit Rejected

May 31, 2012 Updated: May 31, 2012

NEW YORK—A Bushwick Farmers Market planned to open on Wednesday in front of the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. But the EcoStation NY’s Farmers Market was rejected by the city’s Street Activity Permit Office last week.

It was a mutual decision by the local community board and police because heavy traffic in the area can be a safety hazard, Evelyn Erskine, a spokeswoman for the city’s Street Activity Permit Office told DNAinfo. 

“We felt the area of Wyckoff is too congested as it is and safety would be an issue,” confirmed Nadine Whitted, chairwoman of Bushwick’s Community Board 4. “Other locations are recommended.”

Travis Tench, director of markets for EcoStation NY, claims there is plenty of space for his 8-by-8 foot tents on a 22-foot-wide sidewalk, with 14 feet of space for pedestrians to walk.

“We are frustrated by the lack of a transparent process, as there is clearly adequate room to accommodate a small market without posing any safety risk to the public,” said Sean-Michael Fleming, Executive Director of EcoStation NY. 

Out of the two alternative locations provided, one is amidst warehouses, another adjacent to a cemetery in Ridgewood. 

]”Neither site has the visibility or proximity to our target customers needed to create a successful market where people can access fresh, nutritious local produce,” Fleming said. 

EcoStation NY and the hospital administration petitioned to the 83rd Precinct to reconsider. 

“We remain hopeful that a solution sensitive to both the health and safety of the neighborhood can be found soon,” Fleming said.