Bus Driver Spots Baby Boy Wandering Alone on Highway and Immediately Jumps out of the Bus

March 17, 2019 Updated: March 17, 2019

A compilation video has gone viral online of the moments that two lost children are saved by a pair of kindhearted bus drivers in two separate incidents.

The first clip of the video shows a young girl of about four or five standing near the middle of a busy road. The driver of an SUV stops and moves her to the sidewalk before driving off again. It isn’t until Diana Serrano, a bus driver on her usual route, comes along that the girl is truly saved. On seeing the small child, Diana stops her bus and retrieves the girl before taking her on board for safety.

Once on board, Diana radios for help and shows the distraught child video clips of puppies on her mobile phone to keep her calm. Finally, after many minutes the grateful child’s mother arrives and the two share an emotional reunion before leaving to return to their family.

The second clip shows a tiny baby boy of only a few years old as he walks by the side of a busy road on a freezing cold day wearing nothing more than what looks like a child’s romper suit.

Fortunately for the child he is spotted by bus driver Irena Ivic as she drives her passengers on their usual bus route. On seeing the child, she promptly stops the bus and runs over to where the boy is, before taking him back to her bus to keep warm. A kindhearted passenger wraps the child in their jacket and the emotional little boy promptly falls asleep in Irena’s arms. The police eventually arrive and the poor child is taken away to be reunited with his father.

Both clips show that there are still many, many kindhearted people are out there.