Bullying Parent Fines to Be Handed Out in Wisc. Town

June 5, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Bullying parent fines: A Wisconsin town will hand out fines to parents whose children engage in bullying, it was reported.

The city council of Monona passed the ordinance last month to curb bullying, reported the Wisconsin State Journal. The town hand out fines if children bully two separate times or more.

The law is intended to go after the parents of children who are repeat bullying offenders, according to MyFoxTwinCities.com.

“Sometimes you’ll knock on someone’s door and they won’t want to talk to you — their kids are perfect, they could never do anything wrong,” Monona Police Chief Wally Ostrenga told the Journal. “This is for those times when we get the door slammed in our faces.”

Fox reported that first-time offenders would get a $114 fine and subsequent violations would be $177 each.

Jason Burns, executive director of Equality Wisconsin, said that the measure is “fantastic.”

“It forces parents to be more involved in their child’s life, if they’re not already,” he said.