Bullied Black Swan Rejected By All, Becomes Mom To 6 Cygnets

February 12, 2019 Updated: February 12, 2019

Staff at a rescue center were puzzled when a lone black swan laid six eggs that were fertilized.

When Guinevere, nicknamed “Ginny,” arrived at the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue (CWR) habitat in Indian Trail, North Carolina, she had come from a bad situation. Rescuers traveled far to save the black swan from a lonely and perilous life.

At CWR, Ginny’s future looked bright with plenty of food, safe shelter, and other swans for companionship. However, things didn’t go as planned for Ginny. She was chased away from socializing with the other swans and soon became a lonely outcast.

I'm so pretty ~ Ginny

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“She started coming up to the house, and would talk to her human friends,” CWR director Jennifer Gordon told WBTV.

So staff created private quarters for Ginny in the barn’s aviary; at least this gave the bird some peace of mind away from the others.

Then Ginny began to prepare a nest for herself and promptly laid an egg.

“She has been lonely for so long and she so enjoyed the egg,” CWR wrote in a Facebook post. “We usually remove all the eggs every day but we didn’t see the harm in letting her keep it. It’s our policy to not allow animals to breed but she is the only swan in the aviary so what’s the harm? It couldn’t be fertile.”

We have another story. It's long as well so get settled in. This is Guinevere, Ginny for short. She came to us from…

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Ginny didn’t stop at one egg—she laid five more.

Soon, staff were at a loss for words when they discovered the eggs had been fertilized. Breeding is not allowed, but for Ginny they decided to make an exception.

“It seems she finally had a purpose and something to keep her happy,” CWR shared.

CWR arranged for a livecam on their Facebook page, so those interested could watch the eggs hatch. Ginny’s little family of six cygnets arrived in early February and was viewed by millions.

A camera will be offline for a little bit. Were going to clean the pen and readjust the cameras so that you can see a little better. So don't fret when it goes down we'll be up and running again shortly

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Only one mystery remained: “Who is the father?”

Staff at CWR suspect it is another black swan named Diablo, who already has a mated partner. If this is true, poor Ginny will be a single mother, which may not be a problem for her.

She has six beautiful cygnets to tend for and keep her company; it’s sure to make a difference in her life.

Watch the video below:

Third one is hatching now

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