Video: Building A Log Cabin From Scratch!

April 27, 2019 Updated: April 27, 2019

At some point in time, we’ve all occupied thoughts of a fantasy land wherein we build our own scenic log cabin, in which we can lounge lazily in front of a crackling fire. Most of us accept, however, that this truly is just a dream; an unattainable desire which will only ever exist in the realms of our imagination. It seems, however, that no one told Nik Rijavec this crucial bit of information, and he has since gone on to build not just one but two log cabins, the first of which was built after a man asked for assistance in the building of his project.

The cabin is fully eco friendly, with the walls being crafted from wood—logs, specifically, but that’s pretty obvious—and the walls insulated with naturally sources straw and sheep wool. There is no electricity anywhere in the cabin; there doesn’t have to be!

The video itself is simply mesmerizing to watch, and it is amazing to witness every stage of the cabin building process. Watching the two men working in harmony with one another is something that we rarely see in our modern, hectic society. We could all learn a lot about working together from this pair.

Video Credit:   Nik Rijavec | YouTube