The Breathtaking Transformation From Empty Space Into Walk-In Wardrobe!

April 19, 2019 Updated: April 19, 2019

Master carpenter and repairman Vasily Ivanov demonstrates his exceptional abilities in this amazing, high-speed video. Watch in awe as he constructs a fully functional, full-sized walk-in closet before your eyes in what could very well be your own lounge! His demonstration is easy to follow and simple and yet is played in fast forward mode, making him appear to be more like Superman than an everyday fixer-upper!

With his YouTube channel, Ivanov—who simply goes by the name of Fix It All, for good reason—creates large volumes of these incredible construction demonstrations and releases new videos multiple times a day when possible, with approximately five a week being the norm. His demonstrated projects range from repair jobs (such as fixing up water leaks and the subsequently damaged ceilings) to building a full 30’ by 30’ outdoor decking setup and even DIY hacks for keeping products in top condition and what to do when they aren’t.

His videos range from those purely intended as entertainment to those which are designed and written with a focus on being informative and educational. Every video has a clear focus on the most relevant aspects of the demonstration, making it incredibly easy to follow what he is doing.

For any DIY enthusiast, these videos are simply a must see!

Credit: Fix it All | YouTube