Parking Rules Temporarily Suspended in Brooklyn

July 14, 2009 Updated: July 14, 2009

NEW YORK—Brooklyn drivers rejoice. The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) initiated its second phase of the traffic sign replacement project on Monday, leading to a temporary suspension of street-cleaning alternate side parking regulations in Brooklyn’s Community District 2 neighborhoods.

The new rules, generated by the Department of Sanitation, aim to increase residential parking by revising permitted time slots and limiting street-cleaning parking in residential areas to once per week.

Approximately 2,000 new signs with reduced street-cleaning regulations will be installed within six to eight weeks in downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, Vinegar Hill, Fulton Ferry and sections of the Brooklyn Heights north of Joralemon Street—and in the meantime, cars can park almost anywhere.

The signs depicting a broom have been suspended until completion of the sign swap, but regulations that are not related to street cleaning, such as parking meters and “No Parking” signs, continue to apply. The DOT plans to provide advanced public notice prior to implementing the new regulations once all planned signs have been replaced in the current phase of the project.

The first phase of the sign replacement project, initiated on May 18 in the Fort Greene and Clinton Hill areas, has been completed. The new rules in these neighborhoods will be implemented next Monday, July 20.

A similar change in parking regulations was implemented in Brooklyn's Community District 6 in 2008. According to a DOT investigation, only a minimal effect on traffic and parking was noted during the transition. Conversion projects for the remainder of the Community District 2 areas are slated for late 2009.