Brook Lopez to OKC? Nets Would Get Lance Stephenson, Report Says

January 15, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Another NBA trade may go down soon involving Brook Lopez being sent to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Lance Stephenson going to the Brooklyn Nets.

ESPN reports that the proposed trade would have the Charlotte Hornets receive Jarrett Jack from Brooklyn and Jeremy Lamb from Oklahoma City.

“Other pieces might be included to make the deal work financially,” it reported.

“The Hornets, who have been trying to move Stephenson for more than a month, want to make the deal, but Brooklyn and Oklahoma City have yet to agree.”

Yahoo reported earlier in the day that Brooklyn is determined to trade Lopez and either Joe Johnson or Deron Williams soon. The trio are the highest paid in the league, but have not been able to lead the team to the Eastern Conference finals as of yet, prompting the Nets to try to rejigger the roster. 

Yahoo said that the Nets “have been re-canvassing the league for intel on Hornets guard Lance Stephenson, trying to measure the risk-reward of bringing him back to his hometown.”

The Nets haven’t found any takers for Williams, who is currently injured, and Johnson is the oldest of the trio and also has the highest salary. 

Lopez has a $16.7 million player option for next season.

Twitter users chipped in with their thoughts.

“Brook Lopez to OKC sounds good. Only on paper though,” said one.

“Not sure why OKC is trading for Brook Lopez. They don’t need a big guy. That just says to Steven Adams, ‘hey we’re giving up on you,'” said another.

“If Brook Lopez makes his way to OKC, I think that takes the best starting 5 in the NBA,” said yet another.

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