Broncos Fans Show Support By Lighting Up Manitou Incline With Orange Lanterns

February 4, 2016 Updated: February 6, 2016

Denver Broncos fans have team pride that runs a mile long—at least.

Some well-fit fans of the AFC champs climbed the 2,000-vertical-foot, mile-long Manitou Incline Wendesday night with orange lanterns to show support for their team in the upcoming Super Bowl against the Carolina Panthers. The result was a spectacular view.

According to, fans arrived at the popular, but demanding, incline near Colorado Springs around 7pm, ready to brave the elements to show some team spirit. Photographers used long-exposure lenses and time-lapses to capture the event.

Sam Chambers was the one credited with organizing the climb as a fun way to cheer for the team while challenging Panthers fans at the same time.

“Without a doubt, Broncos have the most insane fans,” said Chambers. “From what I understand, Panther fans, the only thing they can do in the snow is take pictures of their lawn furniture for Facebook.”

The event drew climbers from Denver and Pueblo to come join the hiking fun.

“Why not? What else are you going to do? Sit at home and watch reality television? Much rather be out here and get my heart pumping,” said Stephanie Chambers.

The Denver Broncos fans cheered as they started their climb.

“I challenge the Panthers. Get a group to do something this insane,” said Sam Chambers.

The photographer from Ken C Photography who helped capture the event shared just how cold it was in the Rockies.


For all you Broncos fans…I nearly froze my fingers off to take photos of the hikers going up the incline carry orange…

Posted by KenC Photo on Wednesday, February 3, 2016