Brock Lesnar Return Rumor: ‘I Honestly Don’t Know,’ UFC President Says

December 27, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Will Brock Lesnar return? The rumor is sparking widespread interest.

For his part, Dana White, president of the UFC, said he doesn’t know.

“I honestly don’t know,” he told reporters, according to

“Honestly?” Someone asked. “Honestly,” White emphasized. “I don’t know.”

Lesnar became one of the UFC’s most popular fighters. A record pay-per-view match (1.6 million buys) included Lesnar, facing off with Frank Mir.

Sources close to Lesnar said that they didn’t think Lesnar, 36, would end up returning.

But Lesnar still performs part-time with WWE, and is expected to “have a major role in the company’s Wrestlemania XXX in April 2014,” according to Fox Sports.

“Ostensibly, he could start a training camp soon afterward and be back in the cage in the later summer, although there are potential snags in the way,” Fox’s Mike Chiappetta writes. “In the past, White has voiced an uneasiness about blurring the line of reality and fantasy if Lesnar wanted to cross worlds, but with the company’s biggest headliner Georges St-Pierre on indefinite hiatus, White may revisit that debate. Of course, that all hinges on whether Lesnar indeed has an itch to scratch, and right now, that information remains top secret.”

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