Brock Lesnar Net Worth, Latest News: Lesnar Taunts John Cena; Roman Reigns or The Rock to Challenge?

Brock Lesnar destroyed John Cena at the 2014 SummerSlam, to the delight of many wrestling fans.

Later in the night after the fight, Lesnar, who is worth an estimated $16 million, was asked what he had to say to Cena.

“I came, I saw, I conquered, I kicked your [expletive],” Lesnar proclaimed. “Go home, lick your wounds, and I dare you, I double dog dare your [expletive], to come back, looking for another [expletive].”

Lesnar said he got his fill of red meat at Morton’s Steakhouse after the win.

Asked what’s next for him, Lesnar told TMZ: “This isn’t the defining career in my career, I look at it like I’m just getting started.”

Fans are wondering who Lesnar will face first to defend his title. [Update: John Cena will be Lesnar’s opponent at Night of Champions]

Bleacher Report says that Money in the Bank winner Seth Rollins could be next, or Roman Reigns.

“Rollins could—as per Money in the Bank tradition—wait until Lesnar is at his most vulnerable, then take the opportunity to cash in. How he would get the MMA star in such a position is anyone’s guess, but it’s surely possible. Perhaps he could bribe 10 or so midcard heels to beat him up?” it said.

“Such a development would also set up Lesnar as a wronged babyface, which is an intriguing option for the bookers. Thanks to his no-nonsense character and obliteration of Cena, many fans are probably already itching to cheer for the star—why not let them?

“A Rollins vs. Lesnar feud may sound unlikely, but it might be worth a shot. As for other potential Lesnar opponents after SummerSlam? Roman Reigns appears to be a natural foe for the former UFC fighter. He too has been built up as unstoppable and a force to reckoned with. He’s also been fiercely protected by the booking team over the past 18 months; they’re clearly setting him up for big things (he also defeated top star Randy Orton clean at the pay-per-view, another sign of management’s massive faith in him).

“Could Reigns be scripted as the one babyface who can stop Lesnar’s reign of terror? It’s very possible.”

Then again, another Bleacher Report writer asserts that Reigns is not ready to face Lesnar.

“The simple fact of the matter is, Reigns’ in-ring work is not up to par when it comes to the main event scene, which means it does not sniff WrestleMania’s main event requirements,” wrote Chris Roling. 

“Which is where we are with Reigns at the moment, as early rumblings suggest WWE Creative is currently considering Reigns or The Rock as Lesnar’s WrestleMania 31 opponent [per Wrestling Inc]. Let’s pump the brakes there a tad. There is no justification for mentioning those two in the same breath at the moment. Reigns is in the midst of a huge push, yes, but him being over enough to headline a WrestleMania and draw fans in droves in comparison to The Rock is laughable.”

Instead, Roling suggests putting The Rock up against Lesnar, or even Daniel Bryan.


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