British Musician Pete Doherty Hospitalized After Getting Stabbed by Hedgehog Spike

May 1, 2019 Updated: May 1, 2019

British rocker Pete Doherty is recovering after being hospitalized for an injury caused by a hedgehog spike.

Doherty, who once fronted the band The Libertines, was stabbed by a hedgehog and the wound became infected.

In a selfie shared with his Twitter followers on Tuesday, April 30, Doherty is seen shirtless and holding up his arm, hooked up to an IV drip.

He captioned the selfie: “Nozzleville, West Virginia.

The 40-year-old musician,  who according to Fox was on tour with his current band The P— Madres, later also shared a photo of a card with a hedgehog on the front and the words: “I am so sorry you’re feeling prickly.”

Doherty got pricked when his dogs picked a fight with the critter. He explained in earlier tweets that his dogs, Zeus and Narco, got a hold of the hedgehog and he sustained the injury when he tried to free the critter from their bite.

He explained: “Zeus and Narco had the cute wee verminous Shnuffle shuffle Pig of the the Hedge in their gobs and I wrapped my hand in a tshirt and freed the wee bugger and got a tiny cut.. That was Wednesday night/Thursday morning.”

He wrote that he felt fine for a few days before the infection started to get the better of him. Eventually, he checked himself into a hospital for treatment.

“Cue three days in a van with a carefree attitude to potentially infected forefingers. Infectious new songs on the album though [sic].”

Posting from the Manchester Royal Infirmary, Doherty wrote: “A picture me in a hospital bed with an infected hedgehog spike wound thank you to the wonderful men and women who work within the NHS. What absolute angels and a million times they deserve our respect and thanks.”

He also shared a selfie of himself holding up a heavily bandaged left hand and entirely wrapped index finger.

In a recent radio interview, a clip from which Doherty posted on Twitter, Doherty said he had always “wanted to be famous. I didn’t really care how.”

Pete Doherty performs
Pete Doherty, then of Babyshambles, performs at a music festival in Byron Bay, Australia, on July 26, 2013. (Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Doherty is perhaps best known for being co-frontman for The Libertines. His other projects include the band Babyshambles, and the current Peter Doherty and the P— Madres.

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