Breaking Away from Communism

March 12, 2009 Updated: March 12, 2009

Several years ago, Mr. Wang from Liaoning Province suddenly lost his land, along with the 300,000 farmers from his hometown, over a buyout.

This year, on January 21, Mr. Wang denounced the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

For many years, the complaints have gone nowhere. Mr. Wang said furiously, “The CCP has lost our trust. It is too corrupt. The regime is like the current Chinese economy. On the surface, it seems developing. In fact, it is a bubble. Soon, the bubble will break and disappear. We all want to break away from the CCP. Only then will we stay away from this hell-like life.”

Mr. Wang explained that the regime took away their forest land. People suffer and have no where to turn to. The officials are corrupt and covering for each other. He said, “For example, they took away our land that was worth 1000 yuan, and reimbursed 50 yuan. I went to Beijing four times to file complaints. But each department and division shirked the responsibility, including the committee for discipline investigation, the courts, the prosecutors, and so forth. The regime is totally dysfunctional. For example, I complained to the Forestry Department. What they did was issue a supervisory letter which was transferred from the province to the city, from the city to the county. Are they suggesting the county magistrate would supervise and sue himself? It’s impossible! The regime is simply corrupt, and trying to fool us!”

Mr. Wang indicated that over 300,000 farmers were victims of the buyout. The officials care about no one. He said, “The high officials are hiding in the back. They let the local cadres in the village decide how much the land is worth, and the ownership of the land. They could buy anything worth 100 yuan with just one yuan and you’ll find no justice. If you intend to complain to Beijing, they’ll cut you back before you reach the Letter and Petition Office in Beijing. No one will resolve it for you. At least 30 people have tried to visit Beijing during the two conferences (the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference).”

Mr. Wang has visited Beijing many times over the past several years. He has seen many cases of injustice. He mentioned, “There was a woman around 40 years of age. She lost her 500,000 Yuan (US$73,035) house, and was compensated 100,000 Yuan (US$14,607) because of mandatory relocation by the regime. She was forced to move. She complained to Beijing and spent quite a lot on travel. Her family life is a disaster.”

Mr. Wang’s petition has got him nowhere. However, he insists on continuing his pursuit of justice. He said that people are furious but too cowardly to say anything. One time he was requesting directions from an 80-year-old woman. She asked if he intended to sue. She trembled as she whispered, “The regime is very corrupt. The lawsuit won’t be easy. I wish you luck.” He was discouraged.

Mr. Wang said, “I have been to quite some places and seen many things. I know these are all bubbles. The bubbles will break and be gone.” He believes that all the people want is a secure job and living. The farmers need the forest and the land to survive. The CCP is only smooth talking and cares not. People just want to break away from the CCP. He said, “The CCP is for itself wholeheartedly. The forest is gone. The land will be gone too. The CCP is sacrificing the people!”

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