Brazil: Tornado Leaves Two Dead, 64 Injured

September 23, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

At least two people were killed and 64 injured in the Brazilian city of Taquarituba after a tornado tore through the area, said officials on Monday.

The EFE news agency reported that the tornado broke out on Sunday and cut electricity and telecommunications. Those services have not yet been restored.

One of those killed was a bus driver who was transporting farm workers from the countryside to the city.

The tornado smashed into the bus, overturning it, killing the driver. Several others were injured.

The tornado ripped off the roof of a gym, with pieces falling on a child who was playing soccer.

Taquarituba is located around 200 miles south of the capital, Sao Paulo. The region often experiences tornados, but usually in the second half of the year, said EFE.