Brave Mom ‘Gave Her Life’ to Save Baby in El Paso Shooting, Shielding Him From Gunfire

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
August 5, 2019 Updated: August 11, 2019

The deadly shooting in El Paso, Texas, that happened on Saturday Aug. 3, left 20 people dead and injured at least more than two dozen. The most heart-wrenching story of it all was about a young mother of three who sacrificed her life to save her 2-month-old son in the shooting. In a bid to protect her baby boy, she reportedly shielded him from a hail of gunfire.

On the afternoon of that fateful day, Jordan Anchondo, 25, and her husband, Andre Anchondo, 24, along with their 2-month-old son, went to a Walmart in El Paso to shop for back-to-school supplies and party decorations after dropping off their 5-year-old daughter at cheerleading practice.

Tragically, moments later, they were caught up in one of the deadliest gun massacres in U.S. history. Patrick Crusius, 21, opened fire with a rifle, killing and injuring people in the Walmart store.

HEARTBREAKING: 25-year-old Jordan Anchondo is one of the 20 victims of the El Paso mass shooting. The mother of three…

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Apparently, Jordan died while trying to shield her baby boy from bullets. The selfless mother “gave her life” to save the infant, who broke several of his bones when she collapsed on top of him after being shot to death.

Leta Jamrowski, the younger sister of Jordan, spoke to the Associated Press at a waiting room in the University Medical Center of El Paso. Her 2-month-old nephew—Jordan’s son—was hospitalized at the medical center due to broken bones.

“From the baby’s injuries, they said that more than likely my sister was trying to shield him,” Leta said. “So when she got shot she was holding him and she fell on him, so that’s why he broke some of his bones. So he pretty much lived because she gave her life.”

Jordan was a stay-at-home mother of three. Other than her 2-month-old son, she had two daughters, aged 6 and 1, from a previous relationship.

Monique Terry, Jordan’s cousin, said in an interview with the Guardian that Jordan “was the light of our family.”

“She brightened up the room. Her laugh was contagious. She always put you in a better mood … She always saw the good in people,” Monique added.

Initially, Jordan’s husband, Andre, owner of Andre House of Granite and Stone, was unaccounted for. His family searched for him for nearly a day. Sadly, according to latest media reports, Andre turned up to be one of the victims who lost their lives in the El Paso Walmart Shooting.

Andre’s brother, Tito Anchondo, updated on Facebook: “It’s official……he’s gone.”

“Her husband was in front of the gunman to protect Jordan, and Jordan was protecting her baby,” Monique said.

Jordan’s aunt, Elizabeth Terry, said the baby boy was alive because of the “heroics of both his mother and father.” She said: “They are clearly amazing parents—self-sacrificing in every sense of the word … It’s a huge loss to the family and a huge loss to the world.”

Days earlier, Andre and Jordan just celebrated their one-year anniversary.

Tito said Jordan was Andre’s “support system.” His brother struggled with drug addiction and had run-ins with the law before meeting Jordan.

“When he met Jordan, it gave him more reason to get on track with his life. He got his life in order,” Tito told New York Post.

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Sad to say, the couple’s children had no idea they were dead. “Their oldest keeps asking for her mom and dad,” Monique said.

During this difficult time, Tito asked people to pray for Andre and their family and “for that evil man who was sick in his mind that killed so many innocent people.”

May Jordan and Andre Anchondo rest in peace. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to their family.

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