Boy’s Sarcastic Response on Math Problem Earns Widespread Praise: ‘Absolute Gold!’

November 6, 2015 Updated: November 6, 2015

A six-year-old answer on a recent math test has been earning widespread praise.

The boy appears to have mastered sarcasm, and employed his talents in the answer.

The problem had two parts–the actual problem, which asked which is greater–four dimes or 30 pennies–and a follow-up telling the student to show how they worked out the answer.

The unnamed boy answered the first part correctly, but declined to show how he had worked out the problem in favor of drawing a stick figure of himself then a thought bubble. 



People responded to the first-grader’s hilarious answer on Reddit, with one saying: “That kid’s got sass. He’ll be great one day.”

Another added: “This is absolute gold!”

Yet another said: “I mean, he did exactly what it asked. I’d give him credit.”

Some people referenced the Common Core curriculum that’s currently taught in U.S. schools.

A few weeks ago, a photo of a third-grader’s test answer, which was marked wrong went viral.

(Contributed photo/Facebook)
(Contributed photo/Facebook)

The question was: What is 5×3? Students were required to solve the question using “repeated addition,” or showing the numbers you would add to get the answer. The student answered 5+5+5=15, but the answer was actually 3+3+3+3+3=15.

Common Core is currently in place in 42 states, and it’s designed to focus on critical thinking skills and less on memorization.

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