Boynton Beach Police Release Video of Deputy Shooting Ex-girlfriend

December 2, 2017 Updated: December 2, 2017

Police in Boynton Beach have released surveillance video footage showing the dramatic moments before an in-uniform deputy points a gun at his ex-girlfriend in a parking lot and shoots her three times, point-blank.

Michael Anthony DeMarco, a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy, shot Yuly Solano once in the arm and twice in the chest as she was walking her dog at a condominium complex in Boynton Beach, Florida, on Oct.12, according to

“You treat me worse than a dog,” DeMarco told the terrified Solano just before pumping three bullets into her, then using his service weapon to shoot himself in the head, reports.

Solano survived the attack and reportedly told investigators from a hospital bed that she’d ended their relationship several weeks before the shooting “because he was being racist and very possessive of her.”

The woman also told detectives that she had intended to file formal complaints about DeMarco, but had not gotten around to it prior to the incident.

A maintenance man who witnessed the shooting and called 911 told police he saw DeMarco drive up in an unmarked vehicle, walk up to Solano and grab her arm. He saw Solano back away and watched as DeMarco raised and fired his gun, reported PalmBeachPost.

Solano reportedly told investigators on Nov. 8 that she was deafened by the first shot that DeMarco fired, which hit her in the chest, and she couldn’t tell if he’d shot her again.

The victim was taken to a hospital in critical but stable condition. Three of her ribs were broken and part of her lung had to be surgically removed.

Solano’s daughter, Aryana Solano, spoke with the Daily Mail about four weeks after the incident. Aryana said that her mother was having trouble speaking as her vocal chords had been damaged and “she has a huge hole in her right arm.”

But her daughter said that she could manage to walk for short periods of time and was on the road to recovery.

“She’s going through a lot of pain. Also her right arm is paralyzed too. She has no sensation, no feeling,” said Aryana Solano, according to Daily Mail.

“She’s fighting,” reported the Daily Mail. “She’s continuing to remain positive.”

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