Video: Boy Lost It When He Reunited With Cat Who Had Gone Missing for 7 Months

May 9, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

Most people have had a pet. We can remember back to that bond we had when we were growing up with our household pets and the sadness that we felt when they passed away, were left behind or became lost in the world. We miss them, we worry about them, and for many young kids, it’s the first time that they’ll ever experience real heartbreak.

For one boy, the heartbreak was all too real and the healing process had started taking place. His cat had disappeared 7 months ago. Back in 2018, an adult orange tabby cat had wandered off and gotten lost. After searching relentlessly for his best friend, the boy had to continue on with the demands of life and school while hoping that his cat was safe and sound and would one day be returning to him.

After 7 long months had passed, it seemed almost hopeless. Until one day after school, he finds his mother holding his best friend. The tabby had been found and was safe and healthy. With overwhelming happiness, the boy begins to cry and takes his cat. It’s not hard to see the strength of their bond as the cat purrs and rubs against the boys face having missed the boy as well.

Credit: JukinVideo