Boy Called ‘Gay’ for Doing Ballet, but What Simon Cowell Says Leaves Him in Tears

September 3, 2019 Updated: September 9, 2019

Dubbed “Billy Elliot” by judge David Walliams, this young boy loves dancing passionately. He never gave up his dream in spite of being bullied and made fun of. When he finished his performance on Britain’s Got Talent (BGT), the judges’ remarks left him crying tears of joy.

When Jack Higgins appeared on the talent show in 2016, he was 14 years old. The proud Liverpool dancer had a large support group in the audience cheering him on.

Jack’s love for the art form is undeniable. He attends a performing arts college, where he studies and spends much of his time dancing. He spends more than 12 hours training each day to hone his skills, reported The Sun.

What a perfect end to a fantastic show that was from young Jack. 👏🏾 #JackHiggins #BGT

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His interest in dance started when his mother put him in a breakdance class one day.

“Me mom put me into breakdancing, like hip hop, on a Saturday, and then it just builded on from there. I started ballet last because I was like, ‘no mom, that’s for girls,’” Jack says in a BGT interview cut.

“But after the first class, I just clicked and it was like I wanted to just dance for the rest of my life,” he said, as reported by SBS.

“I don’t have any other hobbies; it’s just dance, dance, dance for me,” he added.

His love of dancing also came at a price—Jack was bullied and mocked by other children.

Speaking to SBS, Jack shared: “When I started ballet, people were calling me names, saying it’s for girls and that I should be doing football. [They said] I was gay and I danced like a girl.”

“It wasn’t just boys bullying Jack, it was girls as well,” Jack’s mother, Debbie, told The Sun.

No matter what he faced though, Jack knew in his heart what he wanted to do and what he loved.

“I was getting like really upset, but dancing … it just makes me feel happy,” Jack told the judges from the stage.

Before Jack began his performance, he told the audience that his ultimate dream was to win Britain’s Got Talent.

Then the song “Say Something” played, and Jack started his choreographed dance routine. He danced gracefully and with poise and confidence; the judges and audience were mesmerized.

When he finished, the audience gave Jack a standing ovation. The young boy started to cry tears of joy. And when it came time to hear the judges’ critique, they didn’t hold back their words of praise.

Judge David Walliams told Jack that “it was a real Billy Elliott moment” for him and that his performance was “so moving.”

“It felt really authentic and genuine,” Amanda Holden said. “You are a born dancer; this is what you’re supposed to do.”

Jack Higgins broke into tears when he admitted on stage to the world that he was bullied. But after Simon saw his performance, he was left completely stunned.

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But it was Simon Cowell’s remark that really hit home. Simon said: “You know the one thing bullies don’t like? They don’t like it when you do well. I can see how hard you’ve worked for this moment and I congratulate you, Jack.”

The judges were unanimous in their vote and gave Jack a “yes” to the next round.

Although Jack did not win the talent show, he proved to the world that he is a talented performer. We’re sure to hear more great things from this young man. Never give up on your dream.

Watch his performance on Britain’s Got Talent here: