Boston ‘Stop the Steal’ Protester: ‘I Came Here for Democracy’

November 14, 2020 Updated: November 14, 2020

BOSTON—Rita Gurevich and others who have immigrated to the United States joined  a Stop the Steal rally in Boston on Nov. 14, 2020, calling for fair and transparent elections.

“We are here today because we need to have fair elections, because without fair elections there is no democracy in America, and I came here for democracy,” said Gurevich. “I wish everybody would know that democracy is the most important thing.”

Gurevich says the erosion of freedoms she’s seen in America did not happen overnight.

“It happened probably for many years, step by step we came to this stage,” Gurevich said. “American is going through some very difficult times because some people don’t want to live in a democracy.”

She said if votes have been stolen and people have no faith in this election, there will never be faith in American elections again.

“I wish it will stop. If we will not have elections, we never will trust elections in the future and that’s very, very important for America to have fair elections,” Gurevich said.