Border Patrol Rescues 406 Illegal Aliens in 2 Months From Sweltering Tractor-Trailers

July 6, 2018 Updated: July 6, 2018

Border Patrol agents rescued 64 illegal immigrants last weekend—the latest in a string of rescues that have saved 406 from tractor-trailer units in two months.

All 64 from last weekend were discovered at Border Patrol immigration checkpoints near the southwest border; most were found hidden by a K-9.

On June 30, a woman was arrested for attempting to smuggle 10 individuals in the sleeper cab of a tractor-trailer, according to Customs and Border Protection. In a separate incident on the same day, two females were arrested for smuggling seven illegal aliens, who were concealed and locked inside of their truck.

Three hours later, two men were arrested for attempting to smuggle 21 people concealed behind stacks of tires inside the cargo area of a box truck.  

On July 1, two people were arrested for attempting to smuggle 14 people by hiding them in the sleeper compartment of the truck.

Later that day, two people were arrested for smuggling 12 people who were locked in the trailer compartment of an 18-wheeler.

“In addition to securing and protecting our nation’s borders, frontline Border Patrol agents are committed to reducing heat-related injuries and preventing deaths along our borders,” said Border Patrol Acting Chief Carla Provost in a statement. “These rescues are a result of stepped-up enforcement at our immigration checkpoints coupled with our search and rescue efforts that are key to preventing unnecessary loss of life.”

All of the smugglers were turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for prosecution.

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