Bona Mugabe Wedding: Husband Simba Chikore Not a Pilot?

March 2, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Bona Mugabe’s husband Simba Chikore may not be a pilot after all. 

Many media outlets have reported that Chikore is a pilot, possibly for Emirates or Qatar Airways. 

However, the Daily Telegraph reports that both airlines denied that Chikore is an employee there. 

Moreover, people in the aviation industry in southern Africa “have never heard of” Chikore, the paper reported. 

“Little is known of him except that his mother, Christine, is known as a ‘reverend’ in a church group known as the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa,” it reported.

The wedding between Chikore and Robert Mugabe’s only daughter sparked much criticism in the African country, because of how lavish it was.

As the Telegraph termed it, “Despite Mugabe’s policy of ‘indigenisation’ – ensuring that black Zimbabweans own majority shares in most companies – the wedding planners are white South Africans, who trucked several loads of tables, chairs, decorations, and party paraphernalia into Zimbabwe.

“However, the wedding planner refused to erect the high-end marquee large enough to seat 4 000 guests, and equipped with chandeliers and other luxurious fittings, because the ground was too soggy following recent heavy rains.”

Every individual who worked at the wedding was reportedly forced to sign a privacy agreement.

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