Bodycam Video Shows Cops Letting DUI Suspect Go Because He Can’t Speak English

April 13, 2016 Updated: April 14, 2016

Apparently, all you have to do is not speak English to get out of a DUI.

A police officer’s body camera captured cops allegedly letting a drunk driving suspect off because he didn’t speak English.

Police are now reviewing a possible policy violation.

WFTV reported that the suspect was pulled over near a Family Dollar store. He apparently hopped a curb and ran into some bushes.

Officers Matthew McEachnie and Heath Wood attempted to communicate with him, but his English was poor. The officers then discovered a cooler filled with beer in his back seat. The officials added that the man didn’t have valid identification.


The driver said he was from Guatemala, but also didn’t have a visa or a passport, suggesting that he’s in the United States illegally. “There’s a problem because no … license,” one of the officers says in the video. “Got a bunch of open containers in the backseat, too,” he adds.

(The driver) was obviously impaired, so I called 911.
— William Gusler, witness

The cop then asks him how he got into the United States, and the driver meekly responds.

“(The driver) was obviously impaired, so I called 911,” witness William Gusler told the station. The officers didn’t arrest him, prompting questions from Gusler.

“I would love to do a DUI, but I don’t feel like being (eaten) up with ‘Oh, well, he didn’t understand anything you were saying,'” Wood said before video cuts off.

Police are now reviewing a possible policy violation.

“This is disappointing. We try to rise up a little higher in our professionalism in how we investigate crimes,” Apopka police Capt. Randy Fernandez said.