Bob Seger Dead? No, People Confuse Him with Pete Seeger

January 29, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Bob Seger is not dead–people just got confused when Pete Seeger died.

In the latest confusion over similar names and/or faces–some people thought Morgan Freeman died when Nelson Mandela died–a lot of people thought that Seger died when in fact Seeger did.

Seeger was 94 when he died earlier this week.

They are both musicians, but apart from that and the name resemblance, they don’t have too much in common.

One Twitter user, for instance, wrote: “RIP Pete Seeger, I’ll be playing Night Moves on a loop today in memory.” But “Night Moves” is a Bob Seger song.

“I always thought ‘Turn the Page’ was an awesome song. RIP Bob Seger,” said another user.

“RIP Bob Seger. Your folkways were our ways,” said another.



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