Boat Sinks off Coast of Indonesia Coast With Asylum-Seekers

July 23, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

A boat with asylum-seekers has sank off the coast of Indonesia on Tuesday, according to reports. At least 60 people, including children and a baby, are presumed dead.

The Australian reported that the boat sank off West Java and had around 100 people on board.

An official with the Indonesian search and rescue service Basarnas said that 47 people have been rescued alive.

“I just arrived at the (rescue) site and there are 26 people alive and one dead,” a local of Cidaun was quoted by the Australian as saying. “There are many victims still out in the sea.”

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) told ABC that a rescue operation is taking place.

The Daily Telegraph reported that 60 people are presumed dead or have yet to be rescued.

Soheil, who has one name, was on the ship, he said. 

“I am the only one back,” he told the Telegraph. “The sea very hard, the sea no good. The ship break,” he added.

He said the captain, who is from Sri Lanka, abandoned the ship.

“The captain go to small boat,” he said. “He no help me, he no help children, he no help baby.”