Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Spoilers: Latest Premiere, Cast, Storyline News

Boardwalk Empire season 5 will feature a time jump that lands the show in the Great Depression.

The time jump will be seven years.

“The storyline has jumped seven years [into the future], which is why I have the beard now,” Star Michael Williams (Chalky White) told Den of Geek. “The Depression has set in. The days of the shiny shoes and fancy suits are long gone.”

Williams also said that his character “is desperately seeking Dr. Narcisse to settle old scores.”

Williams wouldn’t reveal whether he has any scenes with Jeffery Wright, who plays Narcisse.

Executive Producer Terrance Winter previously confirmed that Narcisse will return for season 5, as well as Gillian.

He also said that Margaret will likely be featured more, and Eli and Nucky continue to have a relationship. 

Wright previously told Entertainment Weekly that his character suffers “a real spiritual assassination” when J. Edgar Hoover forces him to become a FBI informant. 

“He becomes what he despises at the beginning and that is a servant pretending to be a king, so it all comes full circle,” Wright explains. The scenario reflects the real-life situation involving Marcus Garvey and Hoover.

“Hoover’s first Civil Rights obsession was with Marcus Garvey and there were clearly people who played the role of Judas, if you will, to Garvey,” Wright said. “And so now, we’ll see where it goes, but Narcisse who has been really villainous before — even though maybe not within his mind — is clearly fallen to the bottom of the barrel now.”

A premiere date hasn’t been announced for season 5 as of yet.

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