Bo Xilai Knows Too Much: Former Communist Party Advisor

February 23, 2012 Updated: August 14, 2015

Zhou Yongkang feels threatened by Bo Xilai, according to a former advisor to high-level Party officials speaking anonymously with The Epoch Times’ Chinese edition.

Bo’s ambition means he is intent on fighting to be Chairman of the PRC, or at least premier, according to the former advisor. Bo gained secrets about top Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials through his “hitting the black” campaign in Chongqing, the advisor said.

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The individual described one alleged dust-up. Zhou Yongkang had close relationship with Wen Qiang, the former chief of Chongqing’s Public Security Bureau. If Wen Qiang had not been taken down and executed, he would have become Vice Minister of the CCP’s Ministry of Public Security. Back then, Zhou gave Wen Qiang two choices, to either get into the Ministry of Public Security or become the chief of National Prison Administration in the Ministry of Justice. It had already been decided internally. However, due to a high-ranking official’s disapproval, Wen wasn’t able to get in. Later, Wen Qiang was taken down and executed in Bo’s “anti-mafia” campaign.

Bo Xilai holds damaging evidence against several members of the standing committee of the CCP’s Politburo, the advisor said. He is even said to have secrets on He Guoqiang, the chief of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, who was once Party Secretary of Chongqing.

“Bo holds the damaging evidence against at least 3 members of the standing committee of the CCP’s Political Bureau which could bring them down and lose everything anytime,” the insider said, indicating that if Bo Xilai were to start a factional war, he would also go down in flames. “They are all on the same boat, virtually nobody is clean,” said the source

The anonymous source also alleges that Zeng Qinghong, a former member of the standing committee of the CCP’s Political Bureau, is also vulnerable. Zeng’s family makes money mainly from military contracts and petroleum, having made money from industrial enterprises in Chongqing.

The source said that high-level officials at several points became uncomfortable with Bo’s boisterous and boastful attacks on underworld groups and others in Chongqing, because some high-level leaders were connected with them—the whole incident is difficult to handle, the source said.

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