BMW 435i Giveaway: 2 Free BMWs in April is a Scam

March 4, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A viral Facebook post is claiming that a dealership will give away two BMW 435i models on April 15, 2014, but it’s just a scam.

The post reads that “we are giving 2 free BMW 435i” and adds that one has to “like this post,” comment on the color, and “share on your wall.”

However, it’s just a scam to share a page that will be sold to other scammers once it gets enough traffic.

The post points back to a so-called “BMW Lovers” Facebook page, but it isn’t real.

“Such bogus prize draws can be a very effective method of promoting a particular Page or service. Sharing, liking and commenting ensure that a fake prize post is distributed widely across the network, thereby earning the associated scam page many new visitors and likes,” reads a post from Hoax-Slayer about the scam.

“After they have used such underhand tactics to garner popularity, the unscrupulous operators can use the Pages to engage in further spamming and scamming, this time to a significantly wider audience. In some cases, the now popular pages may be sold for hefty fees via the black market.”