Blake Griffin Pulls Trainers Head Near Groin, Twitter Users Furious

January 23, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Blake Griffin is getting heavy criticism after cameras captured him pulling a trainer’s head near his groin in an apparent joke.

Griffin was on the bench during the Clippers win over the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday night when the TNT cameras panned over to him. The trainer was wrapping his knee when he grabbed the man by the back of the head and made an obscene move.

Griffin burst out laughing. The trainer’s back is to the cameras, so his reaction is unclear. 

J.J. Redick and Matt Barnes, on either side of Griffin, didn’t react, appearing to miss the moment. But Twitter users quickly rushed to the trainer’s defense, saying that his action was not ok.

“No Blake Griffin….no…that’s not what you do on the bench with a trainer,” said one.

“The people defending that Blake Griffin clip are disturbing me,” said another. 

“If DeMarcus [Cousins] did what Blake Griffin did yesterday everyone would’ve flipped out saying how immature and how big of a thug he is,” said yet another.

Others said they thought it was indeed amusing, calling Griffin a “clown” and “funny.”

Griffin nor the Clippers have responded to the criticism as of yet.



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