Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Risk the mob or shop on the job?
By Zoe Ackah, Epoch Times
December 2, 2013 Updated: December 2, 2013

Black Friday—It’s the day businesses are supposed to go from the red to the black in the leger books.

It’s over, and I managed to avoid it. At my age, time is most often more important than money. I’m slowly migrating online, and I don’t think I’m alone. 

So is online bigger than retail yet? Not for everyone, not yet anyway. 

“We have 330 stores, our retail business is obviously bigger,” explained Peter Watanabe, director of ecommerce and marketing at Staples Canada. 

The actual percentage of retail to online sales is top secret, but Watanabe gave us a rather unsurprising hint. “It’s growing I can tell you that. We’re growing at a faster pace than retail.”

For a store like Staples, many of the products available are products consumers research online before purchase anyway. Buying online isn’t much of a stretch.

“Tablets are by far the biggest [sellers] followed by laptops and desktops,” explains Watanabe. Gaming items, and tech accessories, like tablet cases, laptop bags and headphones are also popular.

Another attraction for me is that often, the website offers greater selection. Watanabe confirmed that Staples is no exception. “We have a lot more assortment online than in store.”

And let’s think about free shipping. Free shipping also means no gas, parking, or transit costs, and way less time spent. It’s even cheaper than going to the store right? I estimate it’s like saving a minimum of $10 a trip, and at that rate, I’m underpaying myself.

So who will win out, Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Watanabe says Staples Canada has extended its sale to ‘Cyber Week,’ which may give Cyber Monday a chance to catch up.

 “We’re actually hoping that Cyber Week will be bigger than Black Friday.” To sweeten the deal, many stores, like Staples, are offering online only deals. If you are reading this at work, you clearly have the time to shop from work too.

Christmas is coming, and I plan to have everything but the tree delivered by courier.