Black Box Season 2 Renewal? Will ABC Show Be Renewed or Canceled?

Black Box season 1 is wrapping up with a two-hour season finale on Thursday, July 24 and fans are wondering whether the show will get renewed or canceled.

ABC hasn’t yet announced either way.

The show debuted midseason, in April, and aired all of its episodes, a good sign to those hoping for a renewal.

However, the ratings for the show are not so good. It started out at 6.8 million overall viewers and 1.5 million in the coveted 18-49 age bracket.

But after weeks, it had fallen to 3.7 million and 0.84 in episode 5.

The overall ratings have stayed around 3.7 million for subsequent episodes but the 18-49 bracket dropped to a series low 0.56 million.

The show is getting beaten by its competition, as well. For instance, Hell’s Kitchen on Fox and The Big Bang Theory and The Millers on CBS–the latter were repeats–both soundly beat Black Box last week. Even Hollywood Game Night on NBC beat it, slightly.

So, there’s signs of a possible renewal but also strong indications that the show will be canceled. It is a good sign that a cancellation hasn’t been announced yet, leaving hope for a renewal. ABC should announce either way before too long.

Many fans are saying that they want the show to be renewed. “I LOVE this show and really hope it gets picked up for another season at least! We need quality television and this is it!!!!” said one.

“I love this show. I really hope this isn’t the final finale,” added another.

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