BitStrips: 30 Million Avatars Created in 2 Months

December 16, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Bitstrips, the popular app that lets you create comics, announced that 30 million avatars have been created in the two months since it launched a mobile app.

Once the app launched, it became the number one app in over 40 countries, said Jacob Blackstock, the company’s CEO.”Suddently people on every continent were making millions of Bitstrips every day,” he said in a blog post that’s amusingly in the form of a comic. “Probably making Bitstrips one of the fastest growing apps ever.”

Because some people were getting annoyed with all the Bitstrips being shared, the company added options to share them via text or within the app, while hiring more people to keep up with the demand.

The company has also just received $3 million in a funding round. The money will be used to continue building the product and to expand the team from 17 to 25, Blackstock told Mashable.

While Blackstock and his team are focused on continuing to build up the app to enhance user experience, he does have ideas in the future for making money off Bitstrips.

He said that his ideas include in-app purchases, such as people buying special outfits for their avatars.

He also said he envisions partnering with the entertainment industry to place avatars “n movie or TV settings where they star in comics alongside their favorite actors,” reported Mashable.

For now, Bitstrips is focused on taking steps to add new users, new languages, and more settings for the cartoons.

“We really want it to get to the point where, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you have a thought — something funny happens or something weird happens — you can go, ‘That’s a Bitstrip!'” Blackstock said. “It’s just a really fun way to express what’s happening and what you’re thinking about.”

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