Injured Biker’s Family Calls for Donations

By Sarah Matheson, Epoch Times
October 2, 2013 Updated: October 2, 2013

NEW YORK—The family of the motorcyclist who was hit and seriously injured during an incident with a sports utility vehicle on Henry Hudson Parkway on Sept. 30 is calling for donations online

Edwin Mieses, 32, had his legs broken as an SUV drove through a pack of bikers that had surrounded his vehicle in the middle of the highway. He had surgery on the morning of Oct. 1. According to comments from his family on Facebook, he had his back broken in two places and may not walk again.

His aunt, Delilah Domenech, created the online donation account, titled Justice For Jay Meezee.

“I have created this page to help my nephew during his coma. His wife will be out of work without an exact return date. His children need to be fed and taken care of while both of their parents are in a hospital,” Domenech wrote on the donation page.

Mieses, of Lawrence, Mass., is a father of two, and a rapper who goes by the name Jay Meezee.

The account was opened Oct. 2, and by 3 p.m. 50 people had donated a total of $1,785, just $215 away from the goal of $2,000.

Some of the donations had come from friends of the family, while others had come from bikers who did not know Mieses personally.

“I never met Jay, but that could been me. I’m a biker myself and I feel for his family. My prayers goes out to you Jay,” wrote Cesar Rodriguez, who pledged $100.

A video showing the incident with the gang of motorcyclists and the SUV has been uploaded to YouTube.