Bindi Irwin Shares Touching Tribute After Seeing Dad’s Message for the First Time

February 5, 2018 Updated: February 5, 2018

Bindi Irwin shared a heartfelt tribute to her father Steve Irwin after watching an old interview with him for the first time.

Bindi was only 8 when her father, known by many as “The Crocodile Hunter”, died after being stung by a stingray barb in 2006 at the age 44. The young Irwin said she had only recently seen the interview of her father recorded before his death.

In the footage, posted by Bindi on Instagram, Irwin appears to become emotional as he talks about his hope for Bindi and her brother, Robert.

When asked if there was anything that would make him give up his job, Irwin responded: “Yes, there is. When my children can take the football that I call wildlife conversation and run it up. When they’re ready to run up our mission, I will gladly step aside,” he said.

“And I guarantee you it will be the proudest moment of my life. My job will be done and then, and only then, will I know that I have achieved my ultimate goal—to be able to stand aside and let them run up my mission.”

Bindi, now 19, wrote on Instagram, “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to describe the amount of emotion in my heart once the video ended.”

Describing her dad as her “superhero,” she continues, “I promise to do my best to make you proud and ensure your legacy lives on forever.”

Since Irwin’s tragic death over a decade ago, his wife, Terri Irwin, and children have carried on his legacy through the family’s conservation organisation, Wildlife Warriors Worldwide.

The Irwin siblings have also followed in their dad’s footsteps, starring in a number of animal-themed series.

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The family has an upcoming series on Animal Planet, which follows their life running Australia Zoo and travelling the world to protect animals.

Last year Bindi told People Magazine, “Dad was amazing because he left this legacy that people will never forget.”

“He didn’t just say to love the cute and cuddly animals—he tried to get people to understand and respect the animals like crocodiles and snakes and really break down those barriers,” she added. “For us, we really want to carry on in dad’s footsteps and make sure that everything he worked so hard for continues on in the future.”

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