Bill Murray Allegedly Threw Fans’ Cell Phones From Rooftop Bar: Report

February 13, 2016 Updated: February 14, 2016

Bill Murray allegedly threw fans’ cell phones from a rooftop bar, according to a report.

Murray was at the Vesuvio bar in Carmel, California, when he apparently got annoyed with the fans taking pictures of him—namely the camera flashes, TMZ reported.

The website reported that he threw the phones from the bar. Police were called to the bar, but Murray left before they arrived. Police, however, caught up with the 65-year-old “Groundhog Day” star and talked to him.

Vesuvio is popular with celebrities playing in the annual Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament, which Murray is involved in currently.

The restaurant owner told TMZ that Murray wasn’t drinking, but he got angry when people were taking his photo from about 10 feet away. The owner “says the incident’s making him change his policy—no phones and no pictures, since celebs come in a lot. We spoke to the Carmel PD, and they’re looking into the incident,” TMZ said.

The Independent reported that Murray has offered to pay for the damage to the phones. No charges were pressed.

Meanwhile, at the Pebble Beach event, Murray threw his club after a swing. Murray threw the club somewhere into the water. It was captured on video: