Lachele Covington, Cosby Show Actress, Accused Bill Cosby of Attempted Abuse

November 18, 2014 Updated: November 19, 2014

An old police report has popped up in which Cosby Show actress Lachele Covington accused Bill Cosby of trying to engage in sexual activities with her.

Covington, 20, who appeared on the CBS show as a waitress, said that she went to Cosby’s East Side townhouse in 2000 for career advice and dinner.

She said in the police report that the comedian tried to engage in sexual activity with her, but she declined.

She then told Cosby that she was leaving, and he said, “That’s fine.”

“The victim was subject to sexual contact by a male known to her,” according to the police report, published by Radar Online this week. The report didn’t name Cosby, but the National Enquirer tabloid later linked him to the report and also published additional allegations.

The tabloid said that Cosby fondled Covington and then exposed himself to her. 

“Lachele ran out of the house. She was traumatized and didn’t even tell her mother for two days,” her father Joe told the tabloid.

“Bill Cosby scared her half to death,” her grandfather Charles Keniebrew added.

Lachele’s twin sister later clarified to the New York Post that Lachele “was not molested.”

The tabloid said that Lachele and Cosby shared dinner and drinks at his home, while Cosby’s wife Camille was out somewhere else.

After that, Lachele asked Bill for career tips, and he told her, “There isn’t anything you can’t do if you put your mind to it.”

He said that when he wants to do deep thinking, he uses a variety of relaxation techniques, and began rubbing her head as he stood behind her. He then slid his hands down her arms, and then tried to take things further as Covington lay down on the couch, the tabloid claimed.

Cosby’s spokesman David Brokaw denied the report. 

“The story is not true. It did not happen. Mr. Cosby was not contacted by the police and the first he learned about this was from the National Enquirer,” he said.

But Covington’s father insisted that his daughter didn’t lie. 

“I’ll bet Bill Cosby could not stand in front of my daughter and say to her face she’s a liar,” he said. “You can take what she says to the bank.”

Cosby later threatened to sue the Enquirer for $250 million but the tabloid stood by its story, noting that it included his denial of the events.

The case has resurfaced due to multiple other women stepping forward recently with claims that Cosby either tried or did indeed sexually abuse them.

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