Bikers for Trump Join DC ‘March For Trump’ Rally

November 22, 2020 Updated: November 25, 2020

Armed with motorcycles, leather, and patriotism, “Bikers for Trump” rode from across the country to Washington to join the “March for Trump.”

Some rode 8, 10, and even 34 hours to call for election integrity and upholding the Constitution.

Biker Mark Purcell said that he is there to show support for President Donald Trump’s legal efforts.

“We all have to get this right this time. I think they should stop—if I was Joe Biden, I would say stop. Alright, let’s look at it all. Let’s take a fair look at everything. Why would he wanna go in there and be a president not recognized, as not being legitimate? So really, I think both sides need to sit down and say let’s take a hard look and see what happens. And if he was fairly elected, God bless him. He’s our president. But I don’t think that’s the fact. So we really—that’s why we’re here, we wanna let the president know that we support his efforts—to get to the truth,” he said.

Purcell used be a local Democratic politician in Pennsylvania. This year, he volunteered as a poll watcher. He says in all his years in politics and throughout all the elections he’s participated in, he’s never seen such suspicious behavior at the polls—and he worries some people could have voted twice.

“I’ve run a lot of my own elections, for my own public office, I’ve helped people run for Congress, I’ve helped people run for Senate, everything. I’ve never seen this, ever. There’s something very very wrong here,” Purcell said.

The organizer for Bikers for Trump Arizona, Jim Williams, said he came because he doesn’t believe his state’s election results.

“I was born and raised in Arizona, Arizona’s a red state, Arizona’s a free state, and Arizona’s a Trump state. We got rallies back there, we have for Trump, we had MAGA drag parades 96 miles long, we got rallies every weekend. There’s no way Biden beat Trump in Arizona. So it’s ongoing, we’re finding out,” Williams told NTD.

He says people in his community don’t trust the reported outcome of the election.

From NTD Television