Biker Thought Driver Was Having a ‘Heart Attack’ But She Was Just Using an iPad

April 25, 2016 Updated: April 25, 2016

A man riding a motorcycle thought a driver was suffering a heart attack while she was in her car on the highway during rush hour traffic on Monday.

The incident was captured on camera Danny Thompson, 61, who thought the woman was unresponsive behind the wheel.


Her head was slumped on her chest while she was traveling in London.

When he slowed his bike down thinking that the woman needed help, he found that she was actually using an iPad.

She was scrolling down the screen as the device was between her legs, reported the Metro.

He wrote:

I’m trained in first aid so my first reaction was to get to her because I thought she was unconscious. Her chin was tucked between her breasts. I thought she was ill.

I had been filtering past the slow-moving traffic but when I pulled up alongside I could see she was using the screen of what looked like an iPad. I couldn’t believe it.

The traffic was stop-start but it’s an urban motorway in the middle of London.

He said that her use of the iPad “was definitely dangerous.”


Tompson said it appeared the woman was checking her emails while behind the wheel.

He didn’t report the incident to police, reported MailOnline. “There’s no point saying anything to the driver because with most of them you just get a load of abuse,” he said. “It’s unprintable what I said to myself when I saw she was using the tablet. The worrying thing is it isn’t that unusual anymore.”

However, it’s a good thing it wasn’t as bad as this incident below: