Biden’s Wuhan Cover-Up

May 31, 2021 Updated: June 7, 2021


Reeling from the revelation that the Biden administration shut down a State Department investigation into the origins of COVID-19, the Biden team is now trying to cover up their cover-up. Let’s examine what they were covering up in the first place, why it matters, and how the administration is now pretending to take action while not actually doing anything.

Late last year, the Trump administration, under the supervision of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, began a State Department probe into how COVID-19 got unleashed into the world, causing a global pandemic with millions of deaths and ruined economies and lives in its wake.

The investigation sought to determine whether COVID-19 came from the Wuhan meat market, as originally reported, or the Wuhan virology lab that operates under the control of the Chinese Communist Party. As we now know, this is a legitimate inquiry and an open question.

Unknown to the American public, and indeed to people around the world, it turns out that the Wuhan virologists, in collaboration with virologists from the United States and other countries, were all doing so-called “gain of function” research. In plain language, this means creating deadly viruses, or more precisely, taking deadly viruses and making them more contagious and more lethal in the lab.

Isn’t it incredible that we’re just now, more than a year into the global epidemic, finding out about this? Imagine the level of deception from the scientific community, not to mention the U.S. government and the media, that’s necessary to keep the public in the dark about something so chillingly relevant to their lives. Digital media literally banned and censored people for even hinting that COVID-19 might be a virus from a lab, branding such views “debunked” and “conspiracy theories.”

The Pompeo investigation, however, went beyond the question of where the virus came from. It was also aimed at examining a second, no less chilling, question: Did the communist Chinese regime deliberately release COVID-19 as a biological weapon? To begin to answer this question, Pompeo’s team was searching for evidence of collaboration between China’s biological weapons program and the virologists at Wuhan.

Now, consider the importance of these inquiries and also their implications. How would the U.S. government and the world respond if it turned out that COVID-19 was indeed used as a biological weapon? The Chinese regime certainly had the opportunity. It also had a possible motive, to bring down Donald Trump in particular and the U.S. economy in general, and to improve China’s relative position in the world. Finally, who can doubt that the Chinese Communist Party is unscrupulous enough to be willing to do something so heinous?

Yet this is precisely the investigation that the Biden team secretly terminated. Their rationale was that Trump’s investigation was biased, it reinforced what Trump himself said about the origins of the virus, and it cherry-picked facts to support a preconceived theory. Since we don’t know what the Pompeo team found, it’s impossible to evaluate these accusations.

What we do know, however, is that the Biden team has its own preconceptions. Biden himself is compromised by his family’s highly lucrative business dealings in China. The Biden family has benefited from deals valued at billions of dollars, and Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop contains the clear suggestion that the “big man”—Biden himself—was getting a share. While it goes too far to say Biden is owned by China, it’s hardly an exaggeration to suggest that he’s financially obligated to China.

So it’s hardly a surprise that Biden seeks to protect the Chinese regime from its responsibility—whether direct or indirect—for COVID-19. However, under fierce pressure from the disclosure of the cover-up, the Biden administration is now feigning a renewed investigative inquiry. Biden says he has asked the U.S. intelligence community to “redouble their efforts” to find out where exactly the virus came from.

Yet when pressed to say what he would do to force the Chinese regime to provide access and data that it has long denied investigators, the Biden team basically said that their man would do nothing. Rather, he was hoping the World Health Organization, the very institution whose efforts have been controlled and rebuffed by Chinese authorities, would come up with something new.

The bottom line is that the Biden administration seems to have no genuine interest in forcing the issue. They seem more determined to have a thorough investigation of Jan. 6—which is completely unnecessary, since we know what happened on that day—than they do to thoroughly investigate an urgent matter of global health and U.S. national security.

Even if, by some miracle, the truth came out, and it turned out China was directly responsible, what would Biden do? I’m pretty convinced the answer is nothing. How exposed, how vulnerable, how unsafe we all are in the hands of this administration.

Dinesh D’Souza is an author, filmmaker, and daily host of the Dinesh D’Souza podcast.

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