Biden Campaign: ‘Under No Scenario’ Will Trump Be Declared Winner on Election Day

November 2, 2020 Updated: November 2, 2020

A campaign spokesperson for Democratic presidential challenger Joe Biden said that “under no scenario” will President Donald Trump be declared the victor on Election Night.

“Under no scenario will Donald Trump be declared a victor on election night,” Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said on Monday, according to news outlets. It’s not clear what she meant, but officials in several states such as Pennsylvania said that mail-in voting will be counted for days after Nov. 3.

Biden’s campaign said that Biden has three pathways to obtaining 270 electoral votes, saying that the easiest way is by securing Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. She added the campaign believes Trump will need 61 percent of the vote on Election Day to win in Wisconsin, as well as 62 percent in North Carolina.

Biden’s campaign did not rule out that they would declare victory for themselves.

“My expectation is that the vice president will address the American people, probably late,” O’Malley Dillon said.

Trump is slated to make five stops Monday North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

“I think it’s a terrible thing when people or states are allowed to tabulate ballots for a long period of time after the election is over,” Trump said over the weekend about states moving to count ballots until after Election Day.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany made reference to the 2000 election between former Vice President Al Gore, a Democrat, and then-candidate George W. Bush, a Republican. That election took several weeks to determine after several recounts.

“I don’t think that that was a pretty good moment for more American politics and the country,” McEnany told reporters, adding: “We don’t believe that voters should have to wait for days on end. We know that that’s subject to fraud, finding new ballots out there.”

Bob Bauer, senior adviser to the Biden campaign and former White House counsel, alleged that Trump is engaging in “vote suppression rhetoric” ahead of the election.

“If there’s anything that demonstrates conclusively that the Trump vote-suppression program and vote suppression rhetoric will fail it’s what we’ve seen this extraordinary performance today on the part of our voters, turning out voting in record numbers and really blazing the path for our democracy, so we have every reason to be hopeful,” he said, according to Politico.

Trump said he’s ready for a contested election and is readying his legal team.

“As soon as that election is over, we’re going in with our lawyers,” Trump told reporters before he held a rally in North Carolina on Sunday. He added, “If people wanted to get their ballots in, they should have gotten their ballots in long before that. They don’t have to put their ballots in on the same day, they could have put them in a month ago. We think it is ridiculous decision.”