Bianca Lapus, Vhong Navarro’s Ex-wife: Our Son Yce is in Hiding After Attack

Bianca Lapus, the ex-wife of Vhong Navarro, said that the couple’s son Yce is hiding in fear away from both of them following the attack on Navarro.

Navarro said that a group of men who held him at gunpoint threatened his family unless he paid them money, but that he never paid them, prompting fears.

Lapus told ABS-CBN that she hasn’t seen Navarro yet following the attack because she can’t bear to see him in his current condition, recovering in the hospital.

For that reason, she said that she also hasn’t watched the interview that was conducted from Navarro’s hospital bed.

Lapus said she cried over the situation and referred to Navarro as a “good man.”

Lapus, who is almost four months pregnant, said that she is trying to rest amid high stress. “I cannot accept what happened to him,” she said, adding that she believed that he had no enemies.

Lapus said that she told Navarro and his family that “we are one family” and that “we will draw strength from each other through prayers.”

She also thanked fans and supporters of Navarro. 

“In behalf of our family thank you for all the overflowing messages of love, support and prayers for Vhong especially during this difficult time,” she said. “Together let us pray for his fast recovery safety and justice.”


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