Beware of the 3-letter Word

May 31, 2021 Updated: May 31, 2021

It used to be the four-letter words that prompted a negative reaction in most of us. Now it is the three-letter word (I know, not really a word) that scares me most. Sydney Powell properly referred to them as the three-letter federal agencies. How can it be that we went from admiration and trust for these noble civil servants to distrust and fear overnight?

The answer is sadly that over 30 years of the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas, the entire three-letter establishment was loaded up with globalists and commie sympathizers. America’s multi-decade prosperity and relative peace lulled us into complacency. It took an unexpected win from Donald Trump to expose the true nature of the deep federal corruption.

It makes me sad to think of this; it is depressing to watch their long-hidden agenda be rolled out into the open. When our top military official says out loud that the true enemies of our national defense are Trump-supporting soldiers, sailors and airmen, we have a problem. When the space force fires a patriotic officer for his warning of socialist infiltration in the armed forces, we need to sit up straight and take notice. This problem extends way beyond the federal agencies and also includes the courts, states, counties, cities, corporations, and the most notable, the bankers. Wow, the American body seems to be infected throughout.

It would be nice if a strong leader emerged who shined a light on the problem and charted a path to recovery. We had that to some extent with Donald Trump, but as we all saw, they really took him to the task. Hopefully, he will come back for a second term and pick up where he left off.

But before that, the real answer and immediate need lie within these deep state agencies themselves. Sure, the corrupt leaders can fire and otherwise cancel the whistleblowers, as long as their numbers are few. However, they cannot fire and cancel patriots by the hundreds and thousands. I am confident that our civil service is chock-full of true Americans who are willing to put their country before their own career (heck, our troops go so far as putting the country before their own lives).

It is time for them to speak out, come together, and save the American body by disinfecting it with the bright light of truth fearlessly exclaimed out loud.

The rest of us are counting on those of you inside the system; please let us know how we can help. Thanks, The Epoch Times, for your noble and fearless reporting.

Bill Hunt