Beth in The Walking Dead Season 5: Official Trailer Released at Comic-Con Shows Beth [Watch Here]

The first official Walking Dead trailer is finally out, and it shows that things are not going well for Rick and his group–but it also shows that Beth is alive.

Gareth tells Rick and his group that they should go to Washington D.C.–proving the season 5 casting call correct–to find the cure for the disease after Bob begs Gareth to spare them.

“You don’t have a choice,” Gareth tells Rick, who is holding the baby Judith because Carol and Tyreese are somehow back with the group.

The trailer shows a continued tension between Rick and Gareth, with Rick threatening him saying, “These people are my family, and if you hurt them in anyway, I’m going to kill you.”

There’s also multiple crazy scenes, including big battles with zombies, a van falling off a bridge–rumored to have Daryl and Carol in it–and a massive explosion.

Season 5 will premiere on Sunday, October 12.

The trailer also shows Beth in some type of hospital, possibly based on the Alexandria Safe Zone from the comics.

“Every sacrifice we make needs to be for the greater good, and in here, you’re not part of the greater good,” a woman dressed as a cop tells Beth.

“You’re part of the system.”

A scene shows Beth trying to escape, while another shows her trying to stem a crucial blood flow from someone tied down on a bed.

Another scene shows her staring down an elevator shaft.

Previous spoilers in the last couple days said that Mary at Terminus will die, and that the main threat this season actually won’t be the residents of Terminus. 

Perhaps in line with this possible spoiler, the fan page said that the crosses–seen on the car that took Beth and on cars during filming for season 5–are connected to the hospital seen in set pictures.

“Those behind the crosses are similar to the Saviors, but they are not the Saviors. The people of terminus are dealing with them them, including capturing and shipping people off,” it said.

“Train car A stands for arrivals and train car D stands for departures.”

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