Beth Chapman: Warrant Issued for Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Wife

By Jack Phillips, Epoch Times
July 26, 2013 8:54 pm Last Updated: July 18, 2015 5:19 pm

Beth Chapman’s warrant was issued after the wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter yelled at two teens in Colorado, it was reported.

Celebrity news website TMZ reported that Chapman and her husband were fishing and when a car passed by, Chapman allegely hurled insults at the teenage passenger.

Chapman called 911 after the incident escalated. She said that the people in the car brandished a gun. 

But when police arrived, Chapman and her husband were gone and the teenager filed a complaint against her. In Colorado, it’s a crime to taunt, harass, or curse at a person.

“The passenger emerged from the vehicle – she was young and dressed inappropriately, drinking beer . and obviously out for a good time. I told her and the driver, ‘You need to slow down or I will call the cops,'” Chapman told RadarOnline. “She began to laugh and smirk and then told me, ‘These cops won’t do anything!’ I told her if they didn’t slow down, I’d call anyway,” she said. 

Chapman had to appear in court on misdemeanor harassment charges but she did not go, resulting in police issuing an arrest warrant.

“Perhaps once all the facts are kind of brought to the fore and there’s kind of an overview by law enforcement of what happened, hopefully this matter will be over,” Chapman family attorney Gary Lozow of Denver told The Gazette. “But assuming that that isn’t an option, she’ll go through the court system, and she’ll be exonerated,” he said.

The girl in the case is a student at Lewis-Palmer High School, according to the paper. She said that Chapman called her choice words.