Best of New York

September 10, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016

9/11: We Will Never Forget!

If you were in New York during 9/11 as I was, or if you want to share what many of us in this country experienced on that day, there are many ways to commemorate this landmark event. I mention three very different ones here:

9/11 Memorial Museum: This museum offers an incredible and terribly moving remembrance of the most horrific event most of us will ever experience in our lifetime. I am not ashamed to say that by the time it was over some four hours later, I completely lost it.

The 27 $ fee is waived on Tuesdays from 5-8pm, but as with all other times, (M-F, 9-5pm) you need to book in advance. Information, directions:

Tribute in Light: The amazing blue lights (88,7000 watt Xenon bulbs) started by the Municipal Arts Society, New York City in 2002, appear from dusk to dawn every Sept. 11. They are considered one of the most powerful and healing public art works. Though the project costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to mount the lights, they are totally free to enjoy. Visible for 60 miles, once you see them, you will not forget them. Best viewing times, info at

Run for the Towers: For the athletically inclined who want to support a worthy cause, the Run for the Towers may be just your thing. The Run was started by Stephen Siller’s family after the 34-year-old firefighter lost his life during 9/11. Running alongside first responders can be a moving experience, so be prepared. Proceeds from the Run go to several worthy firefighter and military veteran’s causes. 5 k Run Sunday, Sept. 28. Info: