Best Movie Industry Countries That Aren’t In The United States

September 8, 2014 Updated: September 8, 2014

There seems to be a bias in the United States that only good movies are produced there. When in reality there are countries that consistently churn out great movies and have booming movie industries. There are gems in these movie industries and they have industries that have a following unlike the United States. Granted, many of these countries might have larger populations so their viewership can be much higher, this does not reflect the great qualities of these movies. The following three countries have a rich movie history and continue to come out with box office hits in their respective regions of the world.


Nigeria has a movie industry that is called Nollywood. There are hundreds of movies produced per month in Nollywood. These movies often times are produced in English or have the option for English subtitles. Nigeria’s movies often times are produced there and shipped to other parts of the African continent. All of this is no positive though, many African countries are worried about losing their own cultures. The remedy for this is to produce movies in their own countries. The resources of many of the other countries are low so this is not an option throughout many regions of Africa. Many of the films that the Nigerians produce in Hollywood strike a chord with many Africans. There are cultural issues that resonate throughout Africa which make these so popular.


Brazil grossed the equivalent of 800 million dollars at their respective box offices. Some Brazilian movies have even garnered attention in the United States with multiple films being nominated for Oscars as the best foreign language film. The Brazilian government has even stepped in and recognized the importance of the film industry because of its big impact on the economy. This includes grants and laws that grant favoritism to this industry. Rio de Janeiro holds the largest stronghold of the states bolstering around two-thirds of the industries movies. In comparison to the other two countries in this list, the average film in Brazil takes a couple years to produce. They are very focused on the quality of their films which as stated previously has garnered worldwide attention.


One cannot mention the film industry without mentioning the Bollywood scene. India averages the most films produced a year with over 1000 movies and close to 2000 short films. Although there is such a large number of movies, the Indian government monitors the content of these films very closely. Since Bollywood is so well known, it is time to delve into another subsect of the film industry in India. The film critics in India garner a lot of attention. According to FoxWeekly, film critics become famous such as Ajay who runs the Indian version of Rotten Tomatoes.

As you can see, these three countries have a thriving film industry that may surpass the United State (with India already ahead). Within a matter of years, the stars in the movies in these countries could become household names in the United States.